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Michigan Thespian Festival Important Information

Contact: Debra Taylor taylord@westottawa.net

Michigan Thespian Festival Google Classroom Code: veabgkr

In December, 2021, 

This weekend 17 high school students traveled to Lansing to attend the Michigan Thespian Festival for two days of theater workshops, shows, and individual competitions in various categories of theater.  Students performed for a panel of judges and were given the scores of good, excellent, or superior.  Here are the results:

Monologues - Emily Conlon - Excellent

Duet Acting Scene - Emmett Deur and Jackson Field - Excellent

Duet Acting Scene - Jane Hoppe and Anna McCoy - Excellent

Solo Musical Theater - Karalynn Davis - Excellent

Solo Musical Theater - Kamryn Dumas - Superior

Duet Musical Theater - Kira Guerrin and Kamry Dumas - Superior

College Scholarship Audition: Tessie Morales

Scholarships offered to Ms. Morales:

-Sienna Heights University - $92,000

-Rochester University - $85,000

-Heidelberg University - $68,000

-University of Detroit Mercy - $36,000

-Ohio Northern University - $16,000

-Hope College - $12,000

-Eastern Michigan University - $8,000

-Purdue Fort Wayne - $6,000

-Michigan State University - $2,000

Total: $325,000


It was an amazing trip with an amazing group of students! We were so proud to have been a part of the experience!

Elizabeth Morales

Debra Taylor

Brian Field

Nate Townsend

Joe Huber